What is Upward Bound?

  Upward Bound is...

  • An exciting educational opportunity for students who have the potential to continue their education beyond high school.
  • A year-round program in which students receive academic enrichment, counseling, and leadership opportunities through high school graduation.
  • A program that has been serving high school students in Clinton, Essex, and Franklin counties since 1966 and successfully encourages students to attend and complete education beyond high school.
  • For high school students who are from modest income households and/or whose parents are not four-year college graduates.
  • A program completely funded by the U.S. Department of Education with no charge to the student or the family.

  The Summer Experience:

  • During the summer students live on the SUNY Plattsburgh campus--from Sunday evening through Friday afternoon--for six weeks. Classes are selected from over 40 offerings, ranging from Math, Science, English and History to Engineering, SAT prep and Music.
  • Weekly activities include community outreach, career internships, social events and field trips to career sites, parks, museums, concerts and plays.
  • Daily events include sports, crafts, social gatherings, arts, science and drama activities.
  • Each summer the Program takes an extended field trip to destinations throughout the Northeastern USA.

  What advantages do these activities offer?

  • By giving students a chance to explore their academic talent in a challenging educational setting, students can better evaluate their academic strengths, career interests and college preferences.
  • Visiting new places, museums, theaters, and colleges provides students with opportunities not available in their local communities.
  • Living in a college dorm with other high school students gives students skills in living away from home, working with others, and understanding college life.